At Best Motors we guarantee that our service schedule for your car includes the correct grade of quality oil as recommended by the vehicle manufacturer, supplied by our partner.

Choosing engine oil may not seem like a very high priority. But selecting the right engine oil can make a significant contribution to the overall efficiency of your vehicle.

Quality is everything when it comes to maximising performance and minimising your cars wear and tear. It is therefore crucial that the correct grade of engine oil is selected when you have your car serviced. If the incorrect grade of oil is used this could:

shorten the life of your engine

reduce fuel economy

create engine noise and damage overall performance

if your car is still within the warranty then the correct grade of oil is vital in ensuring that this warranty is not invalidated

This is the reason why vehicle manufacturers recommend regular oil checks within their service schedules. Gone are the days when one grade of oil worked for every car. With the correct oil, wear caused by the friction of moving parts is reduced leading to improved fuel consumption.

We guarantee that the oil supplied for car servicing meets the requirements of modern engines requiring maximum durability and fuel economy.

All products that are supplied within the oil service from our partner are of matching quality as defined in art.1 of the Block Exemption Regulations (EC) 1400/2002. This allows independent garages to carry out servicing and maintenance on a car without invalidating the vehicle manufacturer’s warranty, provided the garage follows the vehicle assembler’s schedules.

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